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History of Huiliang

Huiliang Business Group created by Namliong global cooperation in 1985 and our business group has three divisions- Taiwan Business Division, Shanghai Business Division, and Fuqing Business Division. Today, over 100 employees work across Taiwan and China. Hui-Liang specializes in high-performance fabrics, wearable soft protection, and outdoor and industrial equipment. Our product line caters to a variety of activities and includes finishes like wicking, quick dry, waterproofing, and anti-bacterial treatments to meet customer needs. The company is known for its expertise in laminating, bonding, and coating technologies, serving global leading brands. In 2018 we installed ERP system that has coordinated sales, marketing, innovation and production. To ensure the stability of our product quality, we proudly achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2020.
Future of Huiliang
Hui-Liang is also committed to environmental sustainability, actively developing fabrics from recycled and organic materials to reduce chemical waste and contribute to a better world for future generations.

To become the best integrated service provider in textile material industry

Our commitment to low-carbon sustainable development aligns well with the global consensus on addressing climate change, resource consumption, and environmental pollution. It's commendable that we are actively collaborating with industry supply chains to drive innovation and research and develop plastic extrusion board solutions that meet the requirements of the new era of economic development.
Starting with fundamental process improvements is a crucial step in achieving sustainability goals. Streamlining production processes, reducing unnecessary steps, and eliminating extra energy consumption are effective ways to minimize our environmental footprint. Additionally, adopting new technologies to ensure product quality and enabling the recycling of industrial waste materials demonstrates a holistic approach to sustainability.
In our pursuit of becoming a partner focused on carbon reduction, low carbon emissions, renewable resources, and convenient recycling solutions, we are not only contributing to the global effort to combat climate change but also positioning our company as one of the leaders in sustainability.