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Plastic Extruded Sheet Technology

Introducing Polymer Composite Material Technology

Discover the innovation of polymer composite materials with our cutting-edge extruder technology. Our extruder revolutionizes your work with single and multi-layer materials and textile and polymer composites.

Our extruder eliminates the need for messy glues when bonding multi-layer materials, ensuring a clean and efficient process. Experience superior resistance to stripping, with no unpleasant odors wafting into the air. We're committed to sustainability, and our non-solvent bonding processes reduce environmental impact while creating eco-friendly, sustainable products.

One of the standout features of our technology is the versatility of our extrusion sheet. It can be moulded at cold and hot temperatures, opening up new application possibilities. With three feeding channels and four distinct functional roll settings, our extruder is designed to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency.

We take pride in our commitment to reducing waste and lowering production expenses. By minimizing additional bonding processes and energy waste, our technology improves your bottom line and contributes to a greener, more sustainable economy with lower carbon emissions.

Rest assured, our products meet the highest quality standards. They can successfully pass the Reach and RoHS tests, ensuring compliance and peace of mind for you and your customers.

Experience the future of polymer composite material technology with us. Explore the limitless possibilities our extruder offers for your business.

Extrusion processes:
The feed zone: Input plastic pellets and masterbatch→Melting and conveying a polymer in a head screw and barrel assembly→The homogenous melt is forced to flow through a screen pack then a sheet die from which it exits in the desired width and tickness→The die discharge is would through a four-roll-stacks for texturing, cooling, bonding textiles or foams→ Trmming the edge to the final sheet width→ Quality inspection and packing sheets.  

HuiLiang Material Excellence.

Material Excellence
We specialize in working with polypropylene and polyethylene ((HDPE、LDPE、LLDPE), two of the most versatile and widely used plastics.  Additionally, TPE and EVA are used as raw materials. Our machines are optimized to process these materials efficiently, making them ideal for various industries and applications.

Quality and Consistency
Expect nothing less than excellence. Our technology ensures consistent, high-quality sheet production, helping you meet your exacting standards with every run. 

♦ Non-solvent bonding and non-volatile substance problem.
♦ Lightweight, crashproof and durability
♦ High impact strength and deep drawing
♦ Recyclable and reusable
♦ Versatile with functional value-adding ( including flame retardant, anti-static, corona treater).

Product Specifications:
Length: The sheet is either rolled or sheared for customers' use.
Possible textile selections:monofilament fabric、polyester mesh、non-woven、PEVA decorative membrane
Possible foam selections:EPE、IEPE、AEPE、EVA(Product shrinkage rate 5-10%)