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Polyethylene Multi-layer boards, Thickness 0.6mm,LDPE base, bonded 3mm IXPE, Glue -free, Non-Solvent ,Flexibility, Low environmental impact

Product No.:HL12NH010
Our innovative adhesive-free technology combines the strengths of HDPE and IXPE foam, delivering outstanding durability, waterproof properties, and safety, making Polyethylene Multi-layer boards an ideal choice for surfboards and paddleboards.
  • We are delighted to introduce our standard multi-layer laminated product, combining the exceptional qualities of HDPE and IXPE foam. Our adhesive-free technology seamlessly bonds LDPE with IXPE FOAM, harnessing the strengths of both materials while retaining the flexibility and ease of processing of LDPE to meet specific application requirements.

    This innovative composite technique utilises co-extrusion technology to combine the strengths of high-density and high-strength material, solving the problems associated with unstable adhesion and delamination often encountered by conventional bonding methods. Furthermore, our manufacturing process, which is entirely devoid of solvents, guarantees that our product range adheres to environmental regulations such as REACH and RoHS.

    Polyethylene Multi-layer boards are the perfect choice for surfers and paddleboarders looking for a high-quality, durable, skin-friendly product. With LDPE providing outstanding protection and a smooth surface, these boards are perfect for beginners and experts. Plus, the combination of HDPE and IXPE foam guarantees exceptional durability, waterproofing, and bacterial resistance. With competitive pricing and excellent value, you can't go wrong with Polyethylene Multi-layer boards for your next surfing or paddleboarding adventure!

    Product Specification

    ● Constructions:0.6mmLDPE+3mmIXPE
    ● Colours:White
    ● Thickness:0.6mm
    ● Width:650mm
    ● Packing method:Rolling into a roll
    ● Customized products.


    ●  Glue-free composite materials.
    Lightweight and impact-resistant.
    ●  Durability and adjustable handfeel depending on the thickness of thePolyethylene Multi-layer boards.
    ●  Be able to do cold-press molding.

       抗靜電   耐刮   抗菌   防燃   Corona 電暈 


    ●  Skiiboard and ski gear.
    ●  Surfboards and other water sport gears.
    ●  Outdoor and leisure gear.

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