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PP Extrusion sheets,Thickness 1.1MM1.0mm Anti-static Polypropylene extrustion boards, vacumme forming technique, IC components and plates tray, Food c

Product No.:HL22PMM001
Anti-static PP boards are specially treated polypropylene sheets that prevent static electricity build-up, finding essential applications in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, electronic assembly, and medical devices where static control is critical.
  • Anti-static PP boards are a special type of polypropylene (PP) sheets that go through a unique process to reduce the creation of static electricity, making them anti-static. Static electricity can be troublesome in many situations, especially where you want to prevent dust buildup, protect sensitive electronic components, or avoid damage from static discharges.

    These boards usually have a certain level of conductivity, which can vary depending on the specific treatment they receive. This conductivity is vital for preventing the buildup of static electricity. Additionally, while PP material on its own is chemically resistant, the special treatment applied to anti-static PP boards enhances their resistance to chemical substances.

    Anti-static PP boards have a wide range of uses, including in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, electronic assembly, laboratories, cleanrooms, medical devices, packaging materials, and various other areas where maintaining an anti-static environment is crucial.

    Product Specification

    ​●  Contents: 100% Polypropylen with anti-static treatment
    ●  Colour: Solid colour          
    ●  Thickness: 1.0mm 
    ●  Width: 700mm    
    ●  Packing method: Rolling into a roll.
    ●  Customized products. 


    ●  Durability
    Impact resistance
    ●  Strong mechanical properties
    ●  Resistant to various organic solvents and acid-alkali corrosion
    ●  Complies with REACH/RoHS inspection regulations
    ●  Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and reusable

    抗靜電   耐刮   抗菌   防燃   Corona 電暈   耐衝擊    


    ●  Food container, food package materials
    ●  Vacuum-formed molding products
    ●  Electronics Industry package materials.


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