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Polyethylene Multi-layer sheet+ Non wovenTricot+Thickness 0.8mm HDPE,100% recycled materials, Glue -free lamination, Odorless

Product No.:HL21ELL001
An eco-friendly and odor-free Polyethylene Multi-layer sheet , combining tricot and NON-WOVEN textile materials for adhesive strength to other layers, offers superior functional performance and customization through a one-step co-extrusion technology.
  • Discover the future of versatile, eco-friendly, and odor-free materials! Our Polyethylene Multi-layer extrusion sheet , combining Tricot and NON-WOVEN materials through a one-step co-extrusion processes, sets a new standard in durability and adaptability. Say goodbye to traditional paperboard substrates and hello to a sustainable solution. This innovative polymer extrusion sheet eliminates adhesive issues, ensuring a pleasant experience during the ues. Moreover, the raw components are environmentally friendly, reducing waste and carbon footprint. Customize polymer extrusion sheets' performance by adjusting boards thickness, the number of the layering, and different elements' combinations. Ready to transform your products? Contact us for pricing and details!

    Product Specifications

    ● Constructions:Tricot+0.8mmHDPE+Non-Woven
    ● Colour:Black
    ● Thickness:0.8mm
    ● Width:56"*36"
    ● Packing method:sheared into piece
    ● Customized products.


    Glue-free composite materials.
    ●  Lightweight and impact-resistant.
    ●  Durability and adjustable handfeel depending on the thickness of thePolyethylene Multi-layer boards.
    ●  Be able to do cold-press molding.
    ●  Performance and specification can be designed for a truly personalized solution.

       抗靜電   耐刮   抗菌   防燃   Corona 電暈 


    ●  Sportive protective gear

    鞋材  運動護具  運動護具

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