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Polyethylene extrusion board, Durability, Environmental friendly, Stabilizasion, Thickness 2.8mm, Vacuume foaming technique,

Material No.:HL21NS416 
Tailored for your snowboard, our PE extrusiom board is a true game-changer. Utilising high-density polyethylene (HDPE), it offers superior gear resistance and low friction properties, guaranteeing a seamless ride on the snowy terrain. Even in the harshest cold weather, it retains its flexibility and durability. Simple maintenance ensures your snowboard's excellent performance over the long term. Polyethylene extrusion boards - your protection to soaring on the snow.
●  PE extrusion borads are stable properties and is easily vacuum-formed, allowing for various designs and shapes.
●  Complying with regulations like REACH and RoHS, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly choice.
●  Customized Service and providing state of the art exstrusion technology.
  • In today's industrial applications, polyethylene, or PE for short, stands out as a star material. This versatile plastic has outstanding characteristics that make it valuable in various fields.

    Firstly, Polyethylene belongs to a class of polymer materialsthat can withstand acids, alkalis, and corrosion. This makes it an ideal choice for handling different chemicals, whether in the chemical industry, food processing, or water treatment.

    What's more, PE has an excellent environmental record and adheres to global green directives like REACH and RoHS. It's a recyclable material, which means it's not only useful for your needs but also contributes to protecting the environment and reducing reliance on harmful substances.

    To sum it up, PE is a versatile material with outstanding corrosion resistance and a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. It's a smart choice no matter which industry you're in. Not only does it meet your needs, but it also plays a role in creating a more eco-conscious future.


    Product Specifications

    ● Contents: 100% Polyethylene
    ● Colour: HL Red      
    ● Thickness: 2.8mm 
    ● Width: 1220mm*1220mm 
    ● Packing method: Shear into pieces
    ●  Customized service and tailoring product specification    


    ●  PE boasts excellent gear resistance.
      PE demonstrates superb chemical resistance.
    PE provides strong corrosion resistance.
      With outstanding insulating properties, PE is an excellent choice.
    PE is 100% recyclable.

    抗靜電   耐刮   抗菌   防燃   Corona 電暈 


    ●  Vacuum-formed products
    ●  Outdoor and leisure gears
    ●  Solid PE lightweight board for bag supports.

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