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Polyethylene Multi-layer extrusion sheet, Thickness 1.0mm HDPR+ 4mm EVA foams, Crashproof materials, Anti-scratch and Anti-abrasion

Product No.:HL22EEL002
Polyethylene Multi-layer extrusion sheet are used to protect toolboxes, camera gear, and audio entertainment equipments. They are lightweight, tough, and provide excellent cushioning. We achieve these functions by combining HDPE for durability and EVA foam for its lightweight and flexibility. These polyethylene multi-layer extrusion sheet create an extra layer of protection, preventing damage, vibrations, and impacts to your tools and equipment. PP composite materials also reduce contact between items, preventing scratches and wear. Additionally,we can emboss the HDPE surface to make the appearance more decorative designs.

Providing customized the performance of these composite materials by adjusting the thickness, layering, and combinations of different materials. 
Appearance texture can be designed for a truly personalized solution.
  • In today's industries, Polyethylene, or PE, shines as a star material. This versatile plastic boasts incredible qualities that make it a standout in various sectors.

    Firstly, PE belongs to a class of polymers known for their resilience against acids, alkalis, and corrosion. It's the top choice for handling different chemicals, be it in the chemical industry, food processing, or water treatment.

    But that's not all. PE is an eco-hero. It follows global green guidelines like REACH and RoHS and is recyclable. So, it not only meets your needs but also helps protect the environment and reduces reliance on harmful substances.

    In a nutshell, PE is your versatile, eco-friendly solution. It fights corrosion and champions environmental responsibility, making it a smart choice no matter your industry. It's not just about meeting your requirements; it's about shaping a greener future

    Product Specifications

    ● Constructions:1.0mm HDPE +4mm EVA Foam
    ● Colour:Black 
    ● Thickness:1.0mm
    ● Width:1150mm*2200mm
    ● Packing method:
    Shear into pieces
    ● Customized products


    Glue-free composite materials.
    ●  Lightweight and impact-resistant.
    ●  Durability and adjustable handfeel depending on the thickness of thePolyethylene Multi-layer boards.
     Be able to do cold-press molding.
    ●  Cutting by CNC lathe machine 
    Appearance texture can be designed for a truly personalized solution.

       抗靜電   耐刮   抗菌   防燃   Corona 電暈 


    ●  Toolbox Cushioning Material: Used in the drawers or compartments of toolboxes to ensure the safety of tools during transportation.

    ●  Photographic Equipment: Protects cameras, lenses, and other photographic gear.

    ●  Audio Entertainment Equipment: Safeguards audio equipment such as speakers and mixers.

    ●  Electronic Devices Cases : Such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

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