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Polyethylene 3-layer extrusion sheet, PU leather+ Thickness 2.3mm HDPE+Non-woven, Non-solvent, Glee-free, Co-extrusion process, High quality

Product No.:HL23ELL004
PU synthetic leather is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, adding versatility and creativity to your PE extrusion sheet. By combining PU leather with high-polymer materials like HDPE without the need for adhesives, we've created a new, durable, and environmentally friendly choice for various applications.
  • PU leather is a synthetic material that mimics the appearance and texture of genuine leather. It's durable and easy to clean and care. What makes PU leather special is that it's a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to animal leather. On the other hand, HDPE is a tough plastic known for its strength and durability, which is perfect for providing support and stability in PE extrusion sheets. Bonding PU leather with HDPE and NON-WOVEN used to require a two-step adhesive process. But now, with our adhesive-free technology, we create PE extrusion sheets in a one-step, three-layer co-extrusion process. This not only reduces power waste at each stage but is also eco-friendly, with no adhesives or solvents and no bad smells. Our PE extrusion sheets complies with environmental regulations like REACH and RoHS, ensuring it's a sustainable choice.

    Product Specifications

    ●  Construction:PU leather +2.3mm HDPE+Non-Woven
    ●  Colour:White greige colour
    ●  Thickness:2.3mm
    ●  Width:56"*36"
    ●  Packing method:sheared into pieces
    ●  Customized product


    ● Lightweight, Heat resistance, Resistant to various organic solvents and acid-alkali corrosion
    ● Complies with REACH/RoHS inspection regulations
    ● Recyclable and Reusable

       抗靜電   耐刮   抗菌   防燃   Corona 電暈 


    ● Outdoor and leisure products

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